More than a product.

The perfect answer.

We don’t just make products, we create solutions to meet your needs.

Our models can be adapted to any requirement to improve the quality of automation, transport and logistics in the Healthcare, Pharma and Industry sectors, integrating with your production and product digitalisation systems.

And with the aesthetic qualities that have always set Italy apart: this is why all of our mobile robots exude excellence, cleanliness, precision and attention to detail also in their designs.


Versatile and elegant, ECART is easily integrated in complex projects, guaranteeing minimum footprints and maximum manoeuvrability, always in complete safety. From a single concept come vehicles that are infinitely scalable on the basis of the goods that need transporting and the restrictions of the environment.


Thanks to its excellent positional ability, maximum precision and speed of movement, EROLLER is able to integrate with roller conveyors for the loading and subsequent movement of materials, which takes place quickly and safely in various production settings.


ECOBOT is able to repeat the movements requested with a very reduced margin of error and to automate activities up to 10 kg, without compromising on precision: inevitable characteristics when a Mobile Robot is combined with a cobot. ECOBOT is the perfect solution for the successful assembly, testing, packaging and movement of materials.


Thanks to the interaction with the specifically designed station, EPALLET enables the quick and accurate movement of loads on pallets. This system easily adapts to any environment, from production lines to storage areas.


Thanks to its spacious structure which can be modulated in drawers and shelves, ECABINET is able to transport all delicate healthcare materials. This solution can accommodate instruments and objects, guaranteeing predefined environmental conditions for the protection of the load and constant traceability, improving the rational use of resources and precision in the workflow.


All products that have undergone significant customisation to the point of being practically nonreplicable form part of the ONE family. A project built just once and difficult to replicate.