Ero Cassioli Rulliera 1

Thanks to its excellent positioning capabilities, maximum precision and speed of movement, EROLLER 1 is able to interface perfectly thanks to the roller conveyor that changes direction, turning 90°. With omnidirectional kinematics and fitted with double trike, EROLLER 1 is suitable for picking materials and moving them quickly and safely to production areas.

Ero Roller1 Prospettiva

With its double motorised incoming and outgoing roller conveyor, excellent positioning capabilities and omnidirectional movements, EROLLER 2 guarantees highly efficient transport and interface activities at the end of the line.

Ero3 Roller Vodafone Prospettiva

EROLLER 3 is equipped with four independent two-way roller conveyors, positioned in pairs on two levels, and an elevator that is able to manage the exchange of two boxes at the same time. Its kinematics are completely bidirectional and it is extremely contained in size and versatile. 

Ero4 Cft Ariston

EROLLER 4 was designed specifically for loading activities in the kitting area, a process performed to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of products to the assembly lines. Equipped with 8 roller conveyors on two levels, it is able to group together all of the materials and components required for the construction of a product. The vehicle also serves the component line, from picking to release. 

Ero Roller Kone Prospettiva

EROLLER 5 is dedicated to the handling of heavy loads. Equipped with omnidirectional traction, it has a load capacity of 1 tonne. It is fitted with two front and back 3D cameras to detect obstacles to the axle and two lasers that increase the length of the safety fields.

Ero Roller Side Load Black Prospettiva

Equipped with an automated guide system and differential kinematics, EROLLER 6 offers navigation based on the specific characteristics of the building. In order to avoid damage to people and the building, the vehicle is fitted with a safety system that can scan the entire surrounding area, guaranteeing 360° coverage. It also has two 3D depth cameras positioned respectively on the front and back of the roller conveyor on the top of the vehicle.