Since 1960 Oppent has been pursuing a notion of innovation founded on efficiency, simplicity and effectiveness, enabling the company to continue to grow and consolidate its business. Oppent improves companies productivity and the quality of people’s lives through service automation and optimized logistics flows. With more than 1,500 systems installed, Oppent offers cutting-edge technological services and solutions in three main sectors: Healthcare, Urban Areas and Retail. The company also counts amongst its projects numerous installations in industries, banks and libraries.
Each installation has been designed to meet the requirements and real needs of our customers, with special attention to systems integration, combined with simplicity of use and ease of management. Oppent has always distinguished itself for its consultative approach to systems customization, the technological reliability of the solutions it proposes and the high quality of service and support. A sense of belonging, excellent service skills, passion and initiative continue to inspire the company, today just as yesterday, guiding the work of all its professionals.
oppent in numbers
High standards of quality, flexibility in perceiving customers needs and many years of experience in the design of systems and solutions for internal logistics, are the ingredients for Oppent numerous successes: over the last decade the company has grown both in terms of sales volume and human resources.

Alberto Beretta
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Lorenzo Gaiani
Chief Technical Officer

Elisa Pilloni
Chief Financial, Administrative & Personnel Officer