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St. Gallen (Switzerland)
How to transport heavy loads along the steepest of slopes thanks to vehicles that can be adjusted to the speed and the layout of the setting in which they are used.

Manage the hospital trolleys dedicated to catering, linen, drugs, consumable and sterilisation materials in the various areas of the hospital, also dealing with the gravity chutes for waste management, guaranteeing the highest levels of human and mechanical safety.


St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital is the most important hospital in eastern Switzerland, employing around 6000 people to help the population in the city, the entire canton and in surrounding regions. Oppent offered a fleet of 37 ECART model 8 with perfectly bidirectional kinematics, 3D cameras and PL-D safety laser sensors, able to generate horizontal and vertical observation plans. Because it is developed on an area of uneven ground, all of the floors of St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital are connected by ramps with an average gradient of 9%, rising also to 13% in some cases. To provide the right degree of thrust, Oppent decided to equip the fleet of 37 ECART with 2 wheel units rather than 1, adjusting the brake and maintenance system. The vehicles supplied adapt internally to manage the climbs and can all be adjusted to the speed and layout of the environment in which they are used. The fleet of 37 ECART therefore meets the highest standards of human and mechanical safety, travelling in natural navigation mode.

  1. Manage around 2042 trolley deliveries and travel 516,673 km in 24 hours
  2. Provide a fleet of 37 ECART able to perform on heavily sloping floors
  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Design of solution
  3. Customisation
  4. Assistance