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Malmö (Sweden)
Bidirectional kinematics for punctual transport between hospital departments on uneven ground

Manage the transport of drugs, food, storage and linen; optimise the movement of materials using the underground corridors, therefore reducing local transport by avoiding the use of lorries. It was also important to implement the logistics robots without disturbing other activities and functions in the hospital. 


Oppent proposed a back bearing vehicle, i.e. one that is able to complete lift the load support (in this case, the trolley) from the floor. For this reason, the size of vehicle was adjusted to meet certain parameters in order to guarantee the most efficient and effective service possible. In fact, ECART 9 is the mobile robot created specifically for the hospital sector, able to perform on uneven ground and climb gradients up to 9% with a full load. The proposed vehicle was equipped with 2 safety lasers (front and back) and 3D cameras. The fleet of 40 ECART supplied to Skane University Hospital of Malmö (Sweden) by Oppent optimises the transport of materials, reducing traffic around the hospital.

  1. Provide a fleet of 40 ECART able to perform on sloping floors
  2. Control 426 loading and unloading stations with an automated flow to optimise the mobility of materials, reducing proximity traffic around the hospital
  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Design of solution
  3. Customisation
  4. Assistance