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Airbus Helicopters
Omnidirectional navigation and 4-wheel drive to move the engines and rotors of Airbus Helicopters

Oppent was asked to manage the transport of Airbus helicopter rotors and the tools used by staff that supervise the plant.


Oppent was chosen, through system integrator ARITEX, as partner of Airbus Helicopters. Oppent supplied a fleet of 7 ECART model 7 for the implementation and optimisation of processes for the innovative MECA 4.0 project, launched in the south of France in Marignane (Marseille). The large factory, entirely automated for the assembly of the helicopter engines and rotors, asked for mobile robots capable of transporting the helicopter rotors to the warehouses and tools for the personnel that supervise the plant. The solution supplied by Oppent consists of a fleet of 7 ECART designed to transport trolleys of between 400 kg and 2.5 tonnes, equipped with 4 drive and steering wheels. ECART 7 is therefore the mobile robot with omnidirectional navigation specially created for Airbus Helicopters, ideal for pulling or moving very large loads. Thanks to the 4-wheel drive, it is possible to achieve and maintain the maximum levels of accuracy required by the industrial sector. 

  1. Manage the transport of trolleys between 400 kg and 2.5 tonnes
  2. Optimise logistics flows for the transport of both helicopter rotors in the warehouses and tools for personnel
  3. Guarantee maintenance of the maximum levels of precision required in the industrial sector
  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Design of solution
  3. Customisation
  4. Assistance