In May 2017, Oppent got another order to supply a robot in the industrial sector: EVO I rollerTM.


EVO I rollerTM will travel at 0,5 m/s and will simplify logistics inside the manufacturing department of Yanmar Italy. It will move UPSs for agricultural and marine engines from manufacturing end-of-line to the test area and from the test area to the service line or to the packaging for shipment.


The advantages of EVO I rollerTM are unique: it is omnidirectional, it moves vertically, sideways and diagonally («it moves like a crab») exploiting a new kinematics, which uses 4 wheels, 2 motor steering wheels and 2 side wheels caster plus.

It is equipped with two independent rollers (from where it takes its name) and its maximum payload is of 400 kg.

EVO I rollerTM navigates using a locator exploiting the 2 safety laser scanners even to observe spotlights and walls along the path and uses speed information of the wheels to pinpoint and navigate in any directions.

Exactly like the other members of EVO family, EVO I rollerTM is a 360° safe robot and it is suitable for Industry 4.0. It is extremely autonomous, is equipped with a double lead battery pack (24V at 115AH) and recharges automatically.


EVO I rollerTM aesthetics is entrusted to the hands of expert Italian designers. The design concept of the new robot will be in line with EVO family style.


EVO I rollerTM will be tested and installed for the first time at Yanmar Italy, in Cassano Magnago (Varese), which totally depends on Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., the historical Japanese company manufacturing gas and diesel engines, settled in 1912. Yanmar provides sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life: agricultural and marine machinery and facilities, energy systems, construction equipment, industrial and large engines, and power supply.